Sunday, September 25, 2011

Google Docs

This week in my Educational Leadership Class Technology, Culture and Learning we learned about Google Docs.  We were able to create a template for a Google site.  We also, created forms and documents, surveys and embedded videos into our site.
At first I was very apprehensive working on this project.  I have never used Google sites or Google docs before.  I never even had a G-mail account until I started this class.  I actually enjoyed this lesson very much and learned a lot.  One of my favorite parts of this lesson was creating the survey/poll.  This was much easier than I expected and fun too.  Another aspect of the survey that I found interesting was being able to see the results of your survey and generating a user-friendly results report.
I will be able to work on my documents from any computer.  I will also be able to share my documents with co-workers and students.  I think it’s great that I can collaborate with others and have the ability to work with others in real time.  I can also use it to post powerpoints for people to view.  This is a great free resource that can be used for work, school or personal projects.  It allows you to share confidential information as long as you have a private page.
The best way to use this for my work environment would be to help with training.  This would be a great way to have training materials posted online for co-workers to review at their leisure.  I could also incorporate a survey to see if having training presented this way beneficial to the employees.  We could even videotape presentations and/or trainers and post these videos online for all employees to review. 
There are so many things to work do in google docs.  I look forward to working with and exploring google docs and google sites in the future.


  1. Sounds good Lisa! I didn't think about using it for training purposes. Good idea.

  2. I liked your point about sharing confidential information as long as your page is private. I would like to know more about how private that information is and who might be able to access it regardless of my privacy settings.